Orthodontics Treatments For Kids

It can be challenging for many children to start the new school year with dentures, retainers, or other orthodontic appliances in their mouths. Not only can this disrupt their regular schedule, but it can also create uncomfortable situations as they work throughout the day.

This type of situation is commonly seen among 8 or 9-year-olds, and this is why Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of New Britain is here to help you and your children today!

Rest assured that not all kids require this early form of orthodontic therapy, and depending on the needs of your child we will work with you to understand your desires and help you find the best results to help your child have a beautiful and healthy smile.

There are a handful of circumstances that may merit orthodontic treatments at an early age. Orthodontists can find developing jaw problems and difficulties with permanent teeth while baby teeth are still present. Occasionally treatment is necessary to avoid more severe problems in developing and can make orthodontic therapy when they are teenagers shorter and far less complicated.

Since a child’s body is still in early development, treatment at this age provides your child with special options like directing jaw growth, assist the path and place of erupting permanent teeth, fix dangerous habits, and enhance the overall look.

Our entire staff commits to always provide you with the most appropriate remedy at the ideal time based on the unique needs of your child.

Some of the common questions when it comes to braces are:

  • What are the benefits of having braces?
  • Is it difficult to take care of braces?
  • What’s the difference between traditional metal braces vs Invisalign?

Benefits Of Giving Your Child Braces

For each visit, we will work with you and your child to make sure that you both understand everything you need to know about children’s braces. We will work with you address your concerns, and help you identify the best way to straighten teeth with conventional braces or other options like Invisalign.

This process will help your child have a healthy and beautiful smile! We will work with you to understand your needs and help you choose the best option based on your child’s needs.

If your son or daughter worries about this, you can talk to us about the best way to straighten teeth without conventional braces, such as getting Invisalign.

Naturally, the most frequent question from parents is how much do braces cost. We supply a complimentary consultation where work with you so you understand everything concerning your child’s braces.

Is It Difficult For Kids To Care For Braces?

If you and your child choose to have traditional metallic braces, you will need to follow a strict schedule for cleaning and ongoing maintenance. Your child needs to avoid specific foods (like popcorn, sticky and hard candy, and chewing gum ) since they could harm braces.

Sugary sodas and juices may be a issue, also, since they can result in tooth decay. Since braces put stress on the teeth, your child could feel some discomfort from time to time, particularly following the orthodontist makes alterations.

You should talk to our pediatric orthodontists right away if your child has a loose cable or bracket, or if a cable is poking them in the side of the mouth. This could be a sign that the braces will need to be realigned, and our team will work with you and your child to find the best solution to ensure their comfort.

Traditional Metal Braces vs. Invisalign Systems

We offer two types of props for you and your child to choose from. Each one has their advantages and the two options that your family can choose from including traditional metal braces and Invisalign braces.
Some children and their parents choose not to use traditional metal braces. Whether it is due to lifestyle, schedule, or other reasons you may opt for the advanced Invisalign option. This type of alignment systems makes it makes it much easier to wear braces than in the past.

Many families that we work with choose Invisalign to help align their children’s teeth. Invisalign offers several benefits compared to traditional metallic braces including:

  • Invisibility: Many patients do not like that metallic braces stand out when they smile or speak. Invisalign is almost invisible and this solution will not interfere with the patient’s voice or speaking patterns.
  • Fewer Food Restrictions: Patients who choose metallic braces will need to alter their food choices because traditional braces are easily damaged by specific foods. Invisalign can be removed when eating or drinking so your child will not have to worry about what they eat.
  • Easy Care Options: Metallic braces require special oral cleaning utilities and the cleaning process can be difficult. With Invisalign, your child just needs to remove the aligners and simply brush them down along with brushing their teeth as usual.
  • Less Pain: Many patients who use traditional braces have to deal with ongoing discomfort. Invisalign may produce some discomfort at the beginning of treatment, but children agree that the overall discomfort is much less than metallic braces.
  • Participate In Sports: Many orthodontists discourage children from playing in sports if they have traditional braces. This is because there is an increased possibility of damage to braces and teeth if a sports injury arises. However, with Invisalign patients can remove the aligners during the activity safely and easily.

While there no exact rules on when your child can use Invisalign, there are some conditions that should be considered before implementing this solution.

  • Loss of first (baby) teeth
  • All permanent incisors and first molars must have arisen
  • Second and third molars (wisdom teeth) don’t need to have erupted nevertheless; Invisalign trays can allocate space for them to come in.
  • All teeth must have no tooth decay or damage or else this can reduce the impact that Invisalign will have for your child.
  • The patient must be old enough to comply with treatment, meaning aligning trays have to be worn out 22 or more hours per day.

Our dentists will use a different approach to help your child achieve the smile of their dreams. If you choose Invisalign, we will be able to use lighter and gentler forces to guide your child’s teeth into proper position. Talk to our expert staff to ensure that your children receive the attention that they deserve!

Talk To Our Staff Today About Your Child’s Needs

We will discuss your estimated treatment length at the complimentary consultation. Each has a unique set of circumstances that may determine how long orthodontic treatment will require.

Depending on your needs, and the desired treatment options, orthopedic treatments for children can take a few month, or the process can take several years to complete. Children and their family are encouraged to work closely with our orthopedic specialists to ensure your treatment is completed as quickly and easily as possible.

From keeping the teeth sparkling clean throughout the day, to watching what foods you’re eating, every patient has a great deal of control over how fast and effectively their therapy progresses.

Talk to our New Britain office today to learn your options and find out what works best for you!

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